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what, why and who is shampooer?

i love tuesdays.

why?  its new release day - the day new music hits the stores.  in the old days, i used to drive to Rolling Stone Records on Irving Park and run to the back wall to check out the new releases.  when i was in college, it was Record Swap.  now its off to Amazon.com’s mp3 store for a download as i’ve gone all digital.  regardless, i love my new releases.

so this tuesday, april 19, is important to me as i have my own new release - shampooer 

what is shampooer?  it’s the name of my blog.  

why the stupid name?  shampooer is the name of the band i was going to form.  we were going to be the greatest rock band ever.  problem is, i can’t play any instruments or sing.  so i need to find another way to be a rock star.  this is my attempt.

who is shampooer?  my name is chris locke.  i live in the chicago area. my titles include husband, father, cfo and enthusiast of many things.  i try to bring passion, humor and humility to everything that i do.  i’m new to this blogging thing, so bear with me.  i’ll do my best to share content and thoughts on topics that interest me and might be of interest to you.

on a daily basis i am involved in the restaurant/small business technology and marketing space, i am a techno junkie, i love music, i love food, and i love working out.  so be prepared for a lot of that kind of stuff…

i hope you find this blog useful and amusing.