Insanity the Asylum workout program - Week 1

i started a new workout routine this week - its the second installment of the Insanity series - called Insanity - the Asylum. i know, really stupid name.

i completed a cycle of P90X early last year, then did 60 days of the first Insanity and have done an ad hoc combo of Insanity cardio and P90X strength for the past 9 months. so i was excited to start something new. its a 30 day program, but i really like how they included 30 day plans for integrating the first Insanity and P90X into these workouts, which i will do in due time.  i have been through the first four workouts - here’s my take so far.

the first workout was “speed & agility”. more than anything, this workout frustrated me, in a good way.  it was a great, hard workout, but focused on combining cardio and plyo with agility and technique.  there are many exercises that require a jump rope and an agility ladder. the routine is very fast paced and i had to stop the tape many times to watch the exercises, practice and then try and do them.  it was frustrating because, agility wise, i have a long way to go - i kept muffing many of the exercises. it adds a new dimension to the workout - really concentrating to get the moves right.

then came “strength”. this workout combined dumbbell strength moves with plyo and core work. no lifting exercise comes without somehow involving your legs or core. this was a fun, hard workout and for the first time in a while i was pretty sore the day after a workout.

next up was “back to core” focused on, well, figure it out.  lots of yoga and pilates moves and extended holds. i hate these kind of workouts. they seem so easy on the face but are brutal.

finally, this am was “vertical plyo”. it sounds terrible and it was. when i saw it was 37 minutes long i thought “easy” - the P90x plyo is 1 hour and i can now kill that and most of the old insanity workouts are 45-60 minutes and i can get through those.  wrong.  holy crap this was hard.  the addition of the agility ladder and, more cruelly, resistance bands, to the plyo moves is just evil.  it felt like the first time i did the P90x plyo - i wanted to puke.

this workout series is tough, and i am excited to see what happens over the next few weeks.